Midwest Bible College in Stanberry, MO

When the first students walked through the doors of Midwest Theological Seminary in Stanberry, Missouri in 1951, their footsteps marked a dedication to Christian leadership that still echo today through the virtual halls of Artios Christian College.

As is the case today, some of them were committed to earning a Bachelor’s degree and pursuing vocational ministry while others were dedicated to enrich their faith and study for a year or two. The men and women of Midwest Theological Seminary, later Midwest Bible College (1953), continue to make a significant mark on the ministry of the Church.

When Midwest Bible College graduated its final students in 1976, the legacy was continued in Denver, Colorado, by Summit School of Theology (SST), through residential training, summer sessions, and a correspondence program.

In 2001, Summit School of Theology passed the baton to a ministry training program that would focus on “taking training to the people”. Ministries Training System (MTS) did just that, opening regional classrooms in both English and Spanish in over 20 locations throughout the United States and Canada, offering online courses, and attracting a student body of over 2000 students. In 2009, MTS’ commitment to making ministry training more accessible and affordable took shape in the form of LifeSpring School of Ministry, an online college offering certificates and diplomas in various areas of ministry with goal of “equipping leaders for a vibrant 21st century church.”

As LifeSpring School of Ministry grew, one word significantly inspired and influenced the development of its curriculum. Artios is a concept highlighted in Ephesians 4 that embodies three elements key to equipping believers for vibrant Christian leadership: exploring the theological depth of solid biblical foundations, restoring and realigning lives and relationships to reflect God’s intent, and stewarding gifts and calling with focused training.  

Artios became LifeSpring’s uniting theme, and in January 2017, LifeSpring School of Ministry officially became known as Artios Christian College.

As Artios Christian College, we continue to be energized by the voices of students answering the call of Christ in all arenas of Christian leadership.