We equip you to become the vibrant leader you were created to be

The combination of our strategically focused curriculum and financially - responsible structure makes Artios a great option for any Christian who wants to to more effectively influence their families, churches, communities, and workplaces for Christ.

Artios is unique among Christian colleges because of our:

Theological Focus on Christian Leadership

When you decided to follow Jesus, you were re-created to be a leader. We want to see you fully embrace what it means to be a vibrant leader. Artios is a Greek word that conveys that someone or thing is “fitted”, or “equipped”, to fulfill a certain role. It is not only something that leaders need to be, but something that leaders need to be able to do: be equipped so that we can equip others to find and fulfill their purpose in Christ. Artios is the root word for the word translated “equipping” in Ephesian 4:12’s vision of “the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.” It is a word that embodies three concepts that make up the core of Christian leadership: 1) biblical and theological foundations, 2) personal restoration, and 3) missional engagement. (This exegesis is unpacked in Greg Ogden’s book Unfinished Business: Returning Ministry to the People of God.) Each course you take through Artios has been intentionally designed to enable you to increase your influence in meaningful, practical ways.

Focused Christian Leadership Programs

Artios offers three Christian Leadership programs: A Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership, an Associate of Christian Leadership, and Certificate of Leadership Studies. Our Bachelor and Associate programs are designed around an emphasis on biblical theology, restoration, and missional engagement that enables you to apply principles of Christian leadership to your home, church, community, or workplace…or to shift your focus to a position of vocational Christian leadership. Our Certificate of Leadership Studies program allows you to mix and match 7 courses to greater develop your understanding and practice of Christian leadership. Because our entire curriculum is curated around this three-fold vision of vibrant Christian leadership, these concepts are intentionally interwoven through every course that Artios offers. This makes it is easier for you to make the connection between how content taught in one course enriches and interrelates with content taught in another course…and how these concepts work together to deepen your influence.

Financially Responsible Course Tuition

While you will find courses with similar titles at other Christian colleges and universities, as an Artios student, you will pay around 80% less than what students pay at schools whose tuition reflects the financial burden of accreditation. Our low tuition means that you can pay as you go and graduate without any student debt.

Flexible Course Schedule

Our courses are designed for adult learners who are pursuing leadership development with home, church, work, and community commitments. Each 5 week online course is designed to create a focused learning community that fosters meaningful engagement with peers and an instructor while allowing you flexible windows of time to decide when and where you complete assignments.

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