Following Jesus makes people leaders.

Artios Christian College is a college for Christians who want to influence their families, churches, communities, and workplaces to more closely reflect God’s heart/plan for the world of the 21st century Church.

Artios equips Christians to be vibrant leaders -through flexible programs, affordable courses, and other focused resources that lay a foundation of biblical theology, restoration, and missional engagement.

Our Heritage

When the first students walked through the doors of Midwest Theological Seminary in Stanberry, Missouri in 1951, their footsteps marked a dedication to Christian leadership that still echo today through the virtual halls of Artios Christian College.
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Our Beliefs

Rooted in Biblical theology, we are a Christ-centered college with a vision to see our students shape a vibrant 21st century Church that is characterized by men, women, and children who are...
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Our Edge

The combination of our strategically focused curriculum and financially - responsible structure makes Artios a great fit for any Christian who wants to more effectively influence your family, church, community, and workplace for Christ.
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